What are the long- and medium-term trends in the diversity of arts audiences?

What evidence is there of long- and medium-term impact of arts activity on tackling poverty and disadvantage?

What are the long- and medium terms trends in the economic productivity of the arts sector?

This report has been written and prepared by Dr Tim Dixon, Gordon Allinson, and Mair Smith of ERS Research and Consultancy.

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This report is a quick reference point to assist with identifying an evidence base for strategic and project planning. It is our intention that making the available evidence more accessible and widely known will help us in our aim of fostering a culture of innovation in the arts sector in Wales.


The aim is to provide an insightful, accessible overview of Welsh, UK and international evidence on trends in the diversity of arts audiences, impacts of participation on tackling poverty and disadvantage and economic productivity of the sector.


The report is designed as a selective review of evidence available, with a specific focus on what’s available within Wales. As such, it should be able to provide an easy-to-use, go-to reference source for individuals and organisations requiring evidence to support innovative arts projects.