What’s the point of investing in digital technology?

Where can we find inspiration and support?

What kinds of digital technology should we be considering?

How can we make new stuff stick?

How can digital help our resilience and sustainability?

Golant Media Ventures is an innovation agency which works in the creative, cultural, digital and public sectors. We have extensive experience in the publicly funded arts sector, but our projects beyond the arts serve as an essential enrichment to this work: we believe strongly in the power and necessity of sharing insights between sectors.

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This report is intended specifically to help Welsh arts organisations adopt and make use of new digital technologies – and to transform https://www.healthsupportyou.com/cialis-tadalafil/ their business models as a result.


The arts tend to be ahead of society when it comes to envisioning the future of technology – think of all the science fiction that has shown us the future before scientists and engineers got there in reality. Many artists ‘magpie’ new technologies to use within the creative process. However, arts organisations often face challenges in adopting digital technologies ‘successfully’ – in other words, in a way that results in innovation.


Arts organisations should be excited about digital technology – because it provides ways to better achieve their goals and mission, as well as to achieve sustainability. Beyond this, arts organisations already possess many of the skills necessary to make effective use of them.