The Digital Innovation Fund for the Arts in Wales is here to help the arts in Wales explore new ideas and tackle existing problems, using digital technology as a tool.


We’re interested in new ways of doing and thinking digitally; ways that bring us closer to audiences by reaching out to them in new and interesting ways, or approaches that rethink how the nuts and bolts of arts organisations work.

Through a combination of funded projects and curated events and information, we look at how digital technology can spark new ideas or shape pathways that can help move arts and culture forward and keep it smart and sustainable.  We’re also exploring how we can embed a culture of digital research and development across all levels of arts organisations’ work.

New ideas need time and space to scope, play around and test out.  We fund projects to have that space and time, providing resources that equip them for each stage of the process, help them stay aware of the potential pitfalls or opportunities that present themselves, and capture the learning to be taken along the way. Click here to find out how the fund works in more detail.

But we’re not just about our funded projects.  By sharing all our projects’ developments and the lessons taken from their successes and failures, our work can impact organisations and individuals working right across arts and culture in Wales.

As well as this, our programme of events will create spaces where conversations about technology and digital innovation for the arts can happen, or where new collaborations or ideas can grow.   The programme is designed to develop understanding, confidence and skillsets in using digital technology to change the way you work.  These events are open and available to everyone working in the arts or creative sector to use as they need.

We’re here to signpost, suggest, partner people or help you figure out what you do or don’t know. [Sign up to our mailing list] to keep up to date with events and news from our funded projects, and come and get involved in the conversations we’ll be having about innovation in the arts.